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Tan HQ 2 Hour Express Violet Base Solution
16% DHA
1 Litre

Formulated to replicate the gorgeous olive skin tones of a European beach holiday.
Tan HQ's Violet solutions combine warm violet shades with brown bronzer's to deliver a rich tan with gold undertones.

Why choose a Violet based tan?
Scientifically developed for a deeper, darker, more exotic result. 
As the tan develops a violet based tan will actively correct any yellow / orange hues.
That’s because violet is opposite in the colour spectrum to these unpleasant undertones.

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Industry Leaders

Our company believe only in the best hence we have now decided to make Tan HQ our Exclusive Range

darkest of dark

Personally when I get a tan - the darker the better. This is great for that. I love all the tan hq tans but this has to be my favourite!