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Q: Does Cocobaci replace normal dental hygiene?
A: Cocobaci is a complementary product, which will add to your health, assist with oral care and cavity prevention and brighten your teeth. It does however not replace your usual brushing and flossing routine.

Q: Will Cocobaci make my teeth feel sensitive?
A: No, quite the contrary. There are a lot of studies currently being done that coconut oil can help in the treatment with cavities and enamel rebuilding. There are no synthetic chemicals or bleaches in our product, which is usually what creates sensitivity when you are whitening your teeth.

Q: What causes sensitive teeth?
A: According to dentists, brushing too hard causes your gum line to recede away from your teeth, exposing the nerve. You will feel the brunt of this when you drink something hot or cold or if you breathe in cold air through your mouth.

Q: Using a mouthwash makes me gag, will it happen if I use Cocobaci?
A: If you are prone to gagging, it is usually a solution to tilt your head forward. This prevents the liquid to run to the back of your throat, which is what stimulates your gagging reflex.

Q: When can I expect brighter teeth?
A: It is different for everyone as the degree of staining is determined by your diet etc, but most users can see a visible difference after the 4th day of using Cocobaci consecutively.

Q: Can I use Cocobaci for longer than the 15 day programme?
A: Cocobaci is a totally natural and complimentary product, much like vitamins and mineral supplements. You can use it every day for as long as you like, we do!

Why should you try Cocobaci?

  • Available in 3 tasty and natural flavours
  • All ingredients are organic and paraben-free
  • The formula has the addition of Gemmotherapy and choice Essential Oils to benefit the body
  • Teeth whitening is visible after only 4 uses
  • Our single use sachet is convenient and contains just the right amount of oil

Studies show that if you want to detox effectively, you need to stick to it for 2 weeks. The body takes time to expel toxins and the liver, kidneys and intestines cannot be rushed. Some articles suggest that short detox programmes such as a 3 day juice fast can actually cause liver stress. Our 15 Day pack makes it easy to achieve better detox benefits when used everyday. The travel-friendly packaging also means that you can have your oil pulling session right when you need it.


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