TAN LITE 32000


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TAN LITE 32000


Perfect for salon, mobile or home use, A flawless spray tan experience with the Tan.Lite 32000.

Breakthrough technology places the Tan.Lite 32000 as the only product of its kind to offer lower energy consumption by 30% in addition to professional quality. Incredibly lightweight yet notably quiet, this innovative machine uses Micro-Whirlwind Technology that creates a continuous stream of smooth air for a more constant flow pattern for accurate, streak-free tanning. 
Coupled with an Intelligent Air-Smart Switch that promotes the perfect airflow, it ensures an even, streak- free tan that is free of blotches or splatters. 
Compact in size, it can be easily mounted to a wall or can be placed on the floor.


Compact Unit for any Tanning Professional Compact enough to be easily transported, this light unit can also be wall-mounted so it does not take up floor space, allowing you to have more space within your tanning area. Perfect for salon, mobile or home use.

One Touch Control - Set for Tanning Perfection: Intelligent Air-Smart Switch: Perfectly set for flawless spray tanning results.  So with just turning it on, it controls the airflow for the perfect spray.  This means you get the same professional results every time.

Power, Airflow & RPM's: With 32000 RPM’s, the speed  of airflow is important for spray tanning. RPM’s generates a powerful, constant flow of even air speed needed for streak-free results with no blotches. 

Light & Quiet: 
Weighing only 1.6kg, its rounded filtration system is designed for easy cleaning and direct air intake for whisper quiet sound. Features a 2.5m professional length hose. 

Energy Efficient: 
The new generation machine delivers 30%* lower energy consumption, an important factor to all consumers that are more conscious of our environmet and cost of utilities.

 A Finish Like No Other: No spray tan gun on the market boasts this incredibly fine mist dedicated to spray the curves of a human body. Using only 25-40ml of solution per body application, it significantly decreases overspray with greater than 85% of spray tan solution delivered to the skin; while ensuring that enough product is applied to the body without creating the 'Orange Effect' that is caused by too much solution on the skin. 

Touch Dry Results - A Flawless Finish: This new generation spray gun provides super fine, touch dry skin finishing results. Features a variable dial and 2-way adjustable nozzle that changes spray volume & pattern to achieve custom tanning results, it simply cleans by spraying water through the Clean.Easy, Rust-free needle - No need to dismantle or pull apart the gun. It's also the smallest and lightest spray gun on the market!


1 x Tan.Lite 32000 Spray Tan Machine
2 x Applicator Spray Tan Gun
1 x Professional Length 1.5m Air House
1 x Power Cord

Dimensions: 253mm/9.9" (D) x 163mm/6.4" (H)
Weight: 1.6g
Power/Airflow:  32000RPM
Noise: 35-50db
Cup Capacity: 125mL