Tan HQ Tanning solutions are a mix of natural and organic ingredients which combine to produce an instant tan that hydrates and nourishes your skin. 

Australian Made & Owned - you are assured that every bottle contains the finest freshest ingredients to ensure your clients receive a quality product.
Suitable for most skin types - This 2 Hour Express formula won't leave your skin feeling sticky and allows you to shower after as little 2 hours.  

 The Tan HQ range is suitable for clients who prefer the convenience of being able to wash within 2 hours  

Please Note- ­all our solutions still require up to 24 hours to develop fully but allows for those with a busy lifestyle to wash soon after application. Clients start to see a result from approximately 3 hours after they shower the bronzer off.



Solution undertones are affected by the cosmetic bronzer within the formula. These cosmetic bronzers act as a color guide for technicians during application as well as a temporary color for the customer as the tan develops. Most cosmetic bronzer will wash off in the shower; however, it does have a staining power which tints the skin with the undertone used, violet or green is most common. This tint is only temporary and will gradually fade.A violet-based solution will help to neutralize yellow color or warm undertones. Violet base is ideal for those wanting a deep brown tan. 

  • Caramel 12%

    Caramel 12%


  • Caramel 14%

    Caramel 14%


  • Caramel 16%

    Caramel 16%


  • G-String Black

    G-String Black


  • Tan HQ Sample Pack

    Tan HQ Sample Pack


  • Violet 12%

    Violet 12%


  • Violet 14%

    Violet 14%


  • Violet 16%

    Violet 16%