Hydrate + Kiwi & Watermelon Satchets

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Hydrate Electrolytes No Added Sugar Kiwi Watermelon 20x6g

Hydrate+ not only excels in optimising your hydration and performance but also delights your taste buds with its delicious flavours. Kiwi Watermelon Hydrate+ offers a unique and deliciously sweet taste profile that’s both refreshing and satisfying. 

Elevate your hydration with Hydrate+ and experience the difference in your performance, recovery, and overall health. 

The 23g of carbohydrates in Hydrate+ are tailored to support athletes and active individuals in achieving their best performance and endurance levels.

By providing a balanced and effective energy source, Hydrate+ ensures that you can push harder, last longer, and recover faster, making every workout count.

Kiwi Watermelon: Combining the exotic, slightly tart taste of kiwi with the sweet, refreshing essence of watermelon, the Kiwi Watermelon flavour is a unique and deliciously hydrating option.

  • Hydrate for health
  • Hydrate for energy
  • Hydrate for focus
  • Hydrate for recovery
  • Hydrate to elevate

The best part of these sachets is that they’re mess-free and easy-to-use. No digging around for the scoop; these sachets are easy to transport, making it ideal if you don’t want to carry around a tub of powder when you’re on the go.

20 x 6g

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