Base Tan Procedures


Once you book & pay for your tanning package you will be emailed a link to book your base tan with one of our providers. We suggest booking a time for this base tan with them 1 - 2 days prior to your comp.
It's important not to leave booking with them to the last minute as they have their own tanning clients to also tan.

At your base tan appointment our tanning professionals will apply your base tan, in most cases this will be done using our RAPID spray tan formula.

This is an extra dark spray tan that will provide a great base coat that you can shower off in 6-8 hours after application. 

DO NOT be alarmed when you first shower and the cosmetic bronzer all rinses off, this is not your final result. Your tan will now begin to develop and will take a good 12-24 hrs to reach its final result.


We may also at your base tan appointment apply a pH Balance spray  prior to your tan if you have been sweating to address any skin pH issues.

Please let us know ahead of time if you have issues with turning green or don’t hold your colour very well. We will have you do an additional step in your skin preparation. Also, let us know if you have been burned (by sun or tanning bed) in the past 3 months.
The colour will not stick or absorb into newly developing skin.
    Please be sure you understand our recommendations post-tan:  

    Avoid water, heat, exercise and any tasks that may cause your body to overheat and sweat. Sweat causes areas to go a green tinge, as does clothing that hasn't been washed and has been worn before that still has deodorant on it.

    If you need to wash your hands try to use a sanitising hand wash versus water - in fact, we recommend that before you go to bed, take a wet washcloth and clean off palms so that anything you touched (your tan) will not stain your palms overnight.

     Avoid exposing yourself to different temperatures as this too will cause you to perspire particularly on very hot days which will make your base tan run and also make it turn green in areas.  Be sure to set the room/car temperature a little lower so that you don't get too warm at any time.  

    Bodybuilders often have a dry skin due to water rationing, physical stress and excessive sweating in the weeks running up to the competition. Therefore you should be using a high-quality moisturiser in the weeks before your competition spray tan session.

    Your skin needs to be healthy and not too dry for the spray tanning solution to work properly.

    FEMALESDO NOT choose now to break out a NEW razor. Especially for your bikini area. New razors are too rough and will leave your skin irritated and the colour will grab the irritated area, thus making it turn exceptionally dark. Which means you will have a dark ring around your bikini area. 

    If you wear a ‘girdle’ or a compression band around your waist, you need to exfoliate and moisturise that area really good the week before coming to see us.  It is better to wear a cotton tank top underneath to protect your skin and not leave marks on your body that seem to show up when you have colour on.


    Make sure to rinse off thoroughly any products used including body wash, perfume, aftershave deodorant and moisturiser at least two hours prior to your spray tan application. Pay special attention to your knees, elbows, hands, feet and heels. The better condition your skin is in, the better the product will absorb, the more flawless your tan will look, and you will have a more even fade after your competition. 

    2.) DO NOT put on any make-up, body lotion, deodorant, perfume/cologne before or after your base spray tan application. These products will affect your tan dramatically and  deodorant, certain hair remover creams and body washes will turn your armpits and body green!

    Let our staff know if you would like your face tanned at your base tan appointment.

    For men, painting finger nails and toenails with a clear polish will avoid staining of your nails. Feel free to use a wet wipe to easily wipe spray tan off your nails after your tan application. Bring wet wipes with you to your appointment.

    3.) Come to us for your base tan appointment with clean, dry skin ( don't come straight from the shower)
    Ensure you are wearing dark, loose fitting, or oversized clothing and flip flops. An oversized shirt and oversized drawstring (non elastic) waistband style sweatpants or lounge pants are best because they glide over your skin and won't ruin the development of the bronzer. Avoid stiff fabrics!!

    Tops that “easily” pull OVER your head are best, button up tops are okay too. Do Not Wear Jeans, tight tank tops, tight dresses, joggers or socks!

    4.) Women should be sprayed nude. If you have long hair, please remember to bring a tie back or large clip to keep hair off your shoulders and neck.
    We will provide a disposable hair cap for you to wear.

    5.) Men competing in Bodybuilding Division may wear something smaller than their posing suit, if being sprayed nude is uncomfortable. For the best results, it is easier for us to spray without posing trunks. This is to prevent tan lines. All other divisions you must wear your underwear, when having your base tan and top coat applied.

    6.) A typical spray tanning session takes about 15 minutes for the application and dry time. 

    7.) After your base tan has been applied, please plan to stay in your loose, oversized clothing (long loose pants and a long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt top) until rinse off. This will eliminate any hand marks or skin-on-skin contact on your body during the processing time.

    Be somewhat conscious of where/how you position yourself. For example, you don’t want your palms to be tanned or hand prints on your body so try to keep your hands away from your body. 

    Try not to make skin-to-skin contact to avoid uneven markings, keep in mind that holding your arms in a bent position may create slight unevenness on the inner elbow. It will look like a white diamond shape. This is easily fixed on comp day with our top coat solution.

    Please discuss the use of ANY other tanning products used BEFORE your appointment with us. It is not good to mix different competition products.

    We are NOT responsible for poor results with mixing of products that we are unaware of. These specific skin prep instructions are to ensure you receive a flawless tan for your competition. 

    Be mindful of the weather.  If rain is predicted bring umbrella, rainboots/ loose footwear that won't get your feet wet,  rain jacket, rain resistant pants etc.  Absolutely no rain can touch any part of your skin.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these instructions.

    If during your spray tan appointment and it has been determined that you have not followed our skin prep instructions, the client will assume ALL risks.