Bronzon is a professional competition spray tan company offering our athletes a VIP service that makes spray tanning simple and stress-free.  Our goal is to give you the best tan that you'll be proud of on the stage as well as for those selfies and photos you'll be taking lots of. 

Bronzon has been specifically designed for Competition Tanning to create an easy tanning process.

The Bronzon range covers all aspects from Tan Removers, Mousses, Base Coats, Top Coats, & Skin Prep products.

Australian made & owned Bronzon is undeniably your product of choice when it comes to professional tanning or individual use for that perfect stage tan.

Step on stage with confidence knowing Bronzon will enhance your physique and show off all your hard work.

Please Note: In the event you won't be competing in the comp you have paid for we will gladly transfer to your next comp that we are tanning at or offer store credit to use on this website.