Every tanner on our team is fully trained in tanning and will always ensure that your tan will be as perfect as can be, but only you have control of your skin condition when you arrive for your tan and your skin preparation is a big part of the end result!

For a smooth, even tan you need to be focusing on skin prep as an essential part of your competition prep. 

We can always tell when we spray if the person has looked after their skin and prepped it well ready for the tan. It really does show and result in a smoother finish and clean even tan all over the body.

Especially when your tan can be judged on, don’t leave anything to chance and look after your skin!

One of the main fears people have about the tan, is the actual process of getting the tan.

If you’ve never had a spray tan before at all then why not go and get one at a local salon before a posing workshop/bikini fitting/check in just so you have an idea of the spray tanning process if it is something that is worrying you.

The tanning process itself starts days before the competition – this provides the best tanning result, so the tan has time to settle, develop and absorb properly into the skin.

So, whenever you plan on competing also make sure you have the whole day before the competition day clear, so you can relax.

The first competition tanning experience can be a daunting one, or even when you’ve done comps for a while going with a new tanner some can feel nervous about this, but I promise we’re all there with a smile to help ease any nerves and make the process as easy as it can be.

A competition tan is not like a spray tan at your local tanning salon.
Show tans are designed to wash off easily and be VERY dark.

    Waxing and shaving will vary between male and female contestants and can be done 24-72 hours prior to your BASE TAN application.
    If you are new to waxing, we suggest you wax approximately a week prior to your BASE TAN application to avoid skin irritation. Get to know your body and what works for you. You cannot shave or wax after your BASE TAN is applied. 

We do not recommend body waxing, as we have experienced more issues with sensitive skin, poorly given body waxes, wax residue, and severe skin irritations post body waxing which effects your competition spray tan.
These skin issues that develop are very noticeable on stage after the tan.

Your skin needs to be in a calm state during the tan application. If your pores are inflamed from shaving too soon before your appointment, the colour can sit in the pores and have the appearance of little dots on your skin.

Male Competitors:

Waxing: 72 hours prior to your tan
Shaving: 48 hours prior to your tan

Female Competitors:

Waxing: 24 – 48 hours prior to your tan
Shaving: 12 – 24 hours prior to your tan

  • Do not get sunburnt before your competition – peeling skin causes patches and tan lines which are not easily disguised.
  • For best results, ensure that your existing tan is removed completely before your first BASE TAN application by exfoliating.

Exfoliating is an important step in the preparation process. It is recommended you get into the practice of exfoliating your skin once a week leading up to the competition.

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin. This is a vital step in the preparation process. Exfoliate using an approved exfoliating mitt to achieve the best possible preparation. It is important you pay particular attention to dry areas such as knees, elbows and heels.

Do not use any oil based scrubs as these will negatively impact on your competition tan.

Ensure the body is fully exfoliated and free from body lotion, oil, fragrance and make-up. 
  • Clear nail polish may be applied to finger and toe nails to prevent staining on natural nails.
  • Should you have very dry areas such as ankles, knees and elbows – a thin layer of barrier cream may be applied prior to your Base Tan application.
  • It is recommended that you wash your hair the day before your appointment. Do not use products that contain sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) as it can leave residue on the skin and negatively impact on your tan.
  • Once you are sprayed you will most likely not be able to wash your hair so plan around that.

    What should I wear after my base tan appointments?

    Bring along to your tanning session loose, dark clothing to wear after you receive your spray tan. Tight clothes can rub against your tan, leading to inferior results.

    On hot days it is recommended you bring a towel for the seat of your car to prevent any bronzer from rubbing onto your car’s seats in high temperatures.

    Why should I avoid wearing RED after my Base or Top Coat Tan?
    Do not wear red as it is the dye in cotton has been known to turn a tan green!

    During your base tan’s development time -
    Please ensure you follow any recommendations given by your tanning technician.

    Avoid water, heat, exercise and any tasks that may cause your body to overheat and perspire. If you need to wash your hands try to use a sanitising hand wash versus water.

    Avoid exposing yourself to different temperatures as this too will cause you to perspire particularly on very hot days.


    Top Coat Tanning times are e-mailed to the e-mail address provided at checkout the week leading up before your contest once registration for the comp has ended and we have final numbers for each division.You will be notified of the tanning location and all pertinent information in this e-mail.